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[DearBuds PE - Pro]

[Device Info]

[What's in the box]

Display Info

1. Charging Icon

*While charging, it stays on continuously, and when the battery is low, it blinks. 

2. Bluetooth Icon

*Blinks when a connection is established.

*The icon stays fixed when connected.

3. Dehumidification Icon
*Blinks during dehumidification and disappears upon completion. 

4. "%" Icon: Humidity / Battery percent
("%" indicates the temperature when the icon is not on the screen.)

5. Humidity Status Icon

1) ◎ Too High
2) ◎ High
3) ◎ Moderate

4) ◎ Slightly dry

How to use the device

1. How to use

a. Power on/off
ON - Press the Start button.
OFF - Press the Start button for '2 seconds'.

b. In-Ear humidity measurement

The DearBuds PE measures the humidity in the ear in real time once you turn on the device.

Please wait for about five seconds.

c. Press the Start button to start dehumidifying.

1 - L1

2 - L2
3 - L3
4 - A
5 - OFF

d. Modes
A - Based on ear condition, dehumidification strength and time are automatically adjusted.

L1 - A mode for sensitive ear conditions (3mins).
L2 - Basic mode (3mins).
L3 - A mode for watery condition (after showering/swimming) (3mins).
OFF - Measurement mode (Without Dehumidification).

e. How to fit the Eartip
Put the ear cap on the device first, and put the size-appropriate Eartip in the vertical direction based on the front view as shown in the image below.

f. Mobile app Connection (📱Connecting the app)
You can also use DearBuds app service on your mobile device.

[📱 Connecting the app]

You can connect by running the DearBuds Pro app or the DearBuds Pet app.

-> If the connection is successful, the Bluetooth icon will be fixed.

※ In the event that the connection fails, press (+) on the DearBuds app to attempt to reestablish it .

DearBuds Pro : DearBuds App for human
DearBuds Pet : DearBuds App for pet

You can download the beyond apps from Apple - App store/Google - PlayStore.

g. How to "DearBuds"

For human - The Eartip should be placed inside your ear like a thermometer.
It may take up to five seconds for the humidity/temperature to reflect the general percentage.

For pet - Make sure you bend your ears back so that you can see your pet ears more clearly.

Place it on your pet ear for five seconds in a manner similar to how you would use a thermometer.

2. Device Setting

When you press the Setting button one at a time, the device information will appear in order on the display.

You can move on to the next setting menu entry by pressing the Start button consecutively.

After entering the settings menu with the Start button, press the Setting button or leave it for a certain period of time to automatically change.

Check the quick battery remaining - press the Setting button for 2 seconds.

About Display (in a given order)

3. How to maintain the device clean

a. Cleaning Eartips

Pets have a lot of fur in their ears, which can cause hair to stick to their Eartips and Earcaps.
When this happens, remove the hair from the Eartip and the Earcap. If you prefer, you can separate the Eartip and Earcap and wash them under water, dry them, and reattach them.

b. Removing furs

Remove furs on the DearBuds PE with tweezers, tape, or a vacuum.

c. Cleaning mode

Performing the cleaning mode in 'Settings' will drain any remaining humidity and dust within the device.

Place the DearBuds PE horizontal and run the cleaning mode.

(Cleaning mode operates for 200seconds.)


In DearBuds PE, if there is a noise during operation, it is a signal to run the cleaning mode.

Once the fan has been cleaned, it will spin evenly and the noise should disappear.

4. Tips for using the device

*When DearBuds PE makes noise

DearBuds PE should be set to cleaning mode if unusual noises occur during operation.

When DearBuds PE is in cleaning mode, the fans are aligned and the noise gets reduced. 

*For human
Using a cotton swab pushes earwax into the ear canal, which can damage the delicate skin of the external ear canal.
Instead, DearBuds PE provides gentle ear dehumidification.

*For pets

a. Getting familiar with unfamiliar devices

If it is their first time looking at an unfamiliar figure, pets may be wary.

It is recommended to use DearBuds PE to pets after a certain period of getting used to it.

b. Finding your way around the device (from low mode)

With DearBuds PE, your pet will easily adapt to the low decibels.

Start by dehumidifying it with L1 mode. Once you get used to it, please switch to L2 and A mode.

c. Using the device wisely – Behind the Ear

When DearBuds PE first appears in your pet's view, they may feel frightened.

It is possible to dehumidify longer without creating discomfort for your pets when the dehumidifier is brought from behind their ears.

d. Select a place free of disturbances

Dehumidify in a place where pets cannot move or run away from outside interference.

e. Compensate properly after dehumidifying the ears

Your pets will be more willing to dehumidify your ears if you reward them with snacks after you dehumidify them.


1. Please note that DearBuds are not able to waterproof. Make sure the product does not get into the water when using it.
2. In the case of children, use it under the supervision of a parent or guardian.
3. If you experience problems with your ears or if your ear humidity is consistently high, please discontinue the use of DearBuds and visit a doctor.
4. Please do not use DearBuds for any purpose other than measuring humidity and dehumidifying.
5. Any issues that may arise as a result of a user's negligence are not the responsibility of the manufacturer or seller.