0. To understand normal and excessive ear humidity

a. Normal humidity level in ears: Healthy ears should have humidity levels between 40% and 69%.

In healthy ears, humidity varies between 40% and 69%, depending on surrounding spaces, weather, and physical condition.

In this case, dehumidification is not required in your ears. However, in cases where they exceed 70%, please dehumidify them to decrease humidity.

b. Removing humidity vs. Removing water/sweat.

(Approximately 30 seconds is required to remove humidity from the ear, and about 3 minutes for water and sweat to be removed.)

You should be able to remove the general humidity from your ears within thirty seconds. However, the humidity level within your ear may rise again after a certain period of time if sweat or water remain on your skin or if your earwax is too wet.

DearBuds PE removes moisture/sweat from your ears in 3 minutes. Besides drying the skin in your ears, it also reduces humidity by drying earwax.

TIPS: Drying the ears through dehumidification inhibits earwax production even at normal humidity levels.

c. Humidity rebound

💠 40% to 69% before dehumidification —> 40% to 69% after dehumidification (similar level).

When dehumidifying within the normal humidity range, humidity levels should return to normal.

As a result of body temperature and surrounding environment, the ears converge to normal humidity levels over time. Despite a drop of 10-20% through dehumidification, the normal level will still be reached.

Thus, it is the same as when you temporarily lower the normal level of your body temperature with ice packs, but returns to normal after a time.

💠 70% to 99% before dehumidification —> 40% to 69% after dehumidification

When humidity is temporarily raised due to sweating, exercise, showers, or changes in the surrounding environment, dehumidification can be lowered to normal levels.

💠 When '70% to 99% before dehumidification —> 70% to 99% after dehumidification' happens

🔔 First case
The ear is dehumidified, but the humidity remaining in the ear evaporates again after dehumidification,
filling it with humidity again. In this case, you will reach the normal range if you use it repeatedly to remove moisture.

🔔 Second case

If it is repeatedly dehumidified but kept at high humidity for a certain period of time,
there is a high chance of ear infections occurring.

If this occurs, visit the hospital for an accurate diagnosis and treatment,
and reduce the moisture in your ears frequently with DearBuds to prevent recurrences.

1. How to start the device

a. Power on/off

(Right image - 'Main Button' ▶)

Power on - Press the main button twice in a row.
Power off - Press and hold the main button for at least 2 seconds.

b. A standalone version vs. With apps

Dearbuds PE is a standalone device.
If you wish to access additional functions through the app, please refer to this manual below.

📱 Connecting the app

When the 'Bluetooth icon' blinks on your device, start the 'DearBuds Pet' app to connect.
→ When a connection is successful, the Bluetooth icon blinks and stays.

※ If the connection fails, press the Reconnect button (+) to attempt a reconnection.

c. In-ear humidity measurement

When DearBuds is turned on, it measures your pet ears humidity level in real-time once you place it beside them. Please wait for about five seconds.

d. Dehumidification and ModesPress Main Button

1st - L1

2nd - L2

3rd - A

4th - OFF

f. How to position the EAR TIP

First, as shown in the picture on the right side, slide in the larger 'ear cap' and insert the 'ear tip' in the middle. This process should result in filtering in a vertical direction. (Please refer to the picture on the right►)

🔲 Modes

A – Once the humidity falls below the proper level, the device automatically turns off.
(Min 30 seconds/Max 3 minutes)

L1 (Soft mode) – For pets with sensitive hearing (3mins)

L2 (Normal Mode) – Typical daily use (3mins)

S (Standby) – Measurement only (3mins)

In a stronger mode, the air ventilation strength is greater

g. How to use the device

The first step is to tilt your pet's ears back so that you can see the holes inside.

Make sure the ear tip is inserted deep enough so it covers the entire ear of the pet, as if it were a thermometer.

2. Device settings
(changing function options)

Sub Button → "Settings Button"

Once at a time, press the sub button.
You can adjust device settings in order, checking and altering them.

Pressing the main button, you can change the sub-options. To select options, press the Settings button,
or leave it (auto-selection) and exit in a few seconds,
select the options with the main button.

Display information (Consecutive orders)

3. How to keep your device clean

• Cleaning the Eartip

It's common for pets to have a lot of hair in their ears, so their hair sticks to the eartips.

It is best to remove hair from the eartip and ear cap after using them.

You can also separate the ear tip and ear cap, wash them under running water, dry them, and put them back together.

• To remove hair

Tweezers, tape, or a vacuum can be used to remove hair from DearBuds.

• Cleaning mode Tips

In DearBuds, if there is a noise during operation, it is a signal to run the cleaning mode.

Once the Dearbuds fan has been cleaned, it will spin evenly and the noise should disappear.

4. General Tips


a. Getting familiar with unfamiliar devices

If it is their first time looking at an unfamiliar figure, pets may be wary.

It is recommended to use DearBuds to pets after a certain period of getting used to it.

b. Finding your way around the device (from low mode)

With DearBuds, your pet will easily adapt to the low decibels.

Start by dehumidifying it with L1 mode. Once you get used to it, please switch to L2 and A mode.

c. Using the device wisely – Behind the Ear

When DearBuds first appears in your pet's view, they may feel frightened.

It is possible to dehumidify longer without creating discomfort for your pets when the dehumidifier is brought from behind their ears.

d. Select a place free of disturbances

Dehumidify in a place where pets cannot move or run away from outside interference.

e. Compensate properly after dehumidifying the ears

Your pets will be more willing to dehumidify your ears if you reward them with snacks after you dehumidify them.

f. Avoid using cotton swabs to clean ears

Using a cotton swab pushes earwax into your ear canal.

With DearBuds, we ensure a non-harmful dehumidification service. Relax your ears and enjoy the moment!


1. To prevent the risk of fire, explosion, or injury, never short-circuit the battery terminals, immerse the product in water, or expose it to extreme heat sources.

  2. Do not attempt to disassemble, puncture, or modify the product in any way. Tampering with the product may cause injury, fire, or explosion.

  3. Keep the product out of reach of children and pets to prevent accidental ingestion or contact with hazardous materials. If swallowed, seek immediate medical attention or contact your local poison control center.

4. Avoid exposing the product to extreme temperatures, direct sunlight, or moisture. Exposure to these conditions may reduce battery performance or cause damage.