How to use DearBuds SE

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  • [How to power on/off DearBuds SE]

    On the DearBuds, the entire oval with the DearBuds logo is a button.

    Power on: Press the button twice. When the device is powered on, a green light blinks. (This indicates that DearBuds is ready for use.)
    Power off: Upon pressing the button for approximately 2 seconds, the red light blinks, and the power is turned off.
    (The power will be turned off automatically if not used for two minutes.)

    *Left: After the DearBuds is powered on, Right: When the DearBuds is powered off.

  • [How to connect to the DearBuds app]

    The 'DearBuds Connect' mobile app is available for both Android and iOS (Android 6.0 or higher / iOS 14 or higher).

    You can find DearBuds Connect in the App Store and install it.

    When you install the app for the first time, you will need to agree to two permissions (Bluetooth, Location sharing via GPS)

    The connection will be automatically established if you return to the connection screen after running and the DearBuds is flashing green.
    (If you are unsuccessful, please try reconnecting using the bottom right (+) re-search button.)

    Left: Finding DearBuds SE, Middle: Successful connection, Right: If Finding fails 

  • [Start DearBuds SE - Use with the app]

    Connect to the DearBuds Connect app (see [How to connect to the DearBuds app]).

    Upon wearing the DearBuds, you can view real-time temperature and humidity in your ears on the screen.

    After checking the temperature/humidity of ears, select the mode you want out of 6 modes (3 smart modes and 3 manual modes) and wait for the dehumidification to be finished.

    As soon as dehumidification is completed, a message displaying the MAX/MIN humidity will show up on the screen.

    Left: Smart Mode, Right: Manual ModeLeft: Measured value before dehumidification.
    Right: Show end messages and MAX/MIN values after dehumidification.

  • What is the optimum range?
    According to the surrounding environment and the weather information, the user's comfortable humidity range is calculated.
  • "The humidity is too high!"
    Having measured the surroundings, the weather information, as well as the condition of my ears, if the measurement value of my ears exceeds optimum value, display a section with a very high humidity level.

    Manual mode vs. Smart mode

  • Manual mode You can adjust the duration of manual mode operation in the settings.
  • Smart mode 

  • [DearBuds SE - Use without an app - Stand-alone mode]

    Dearbuds SE can be used without an app. (The measurement is not available at this time.)

    To start the device without the app, press the button twice (double-press) when the green light(double press) flashes after powering on DearBuds SE.

    With each press, the strength increases sequentially with a total of three levels of strength. (Weak → Medium→ Strong → Weak)

    Considering strength and noise, choose the level that is best for you.

    The operation will automatically shut down and power off after one minute (this duration can be adjusted in the settings).

    In Stand-alone mode, the last intensity you used is saved, and it operates at that strength when you return to the mode next time.

  • [Dual mode - Two DearBuds SE together]

    You can dehumidify both ears at the same time using two DearBuds SE.

    While using two DearBuds SE at the same time, the 'DearBuds Connect' app automatically switches to a dual UI.

    When using dual mode, each light has a different color.
    Left (green LED), right (orange LED)

    Left and right are differentiated by the color of the device LED and the app display.

    DearBuds SE maintains each color once connected.

  • [How to change 'duration']

    - Manual mode duration change (Auto / 1 min / 2 min / 3 min)

    You can change the duration of manual mode in setting. It is recommended that you use Basic/Auto modes sufficient and that you set the time appropriately. All functions other than Auto mode operate for a fixed duration regardless of humidity levels in your ear.

    - Stand-alone mode duration change (1 min / 2 min / 3 min)

    When you change the operation time of manual mode in the setting, the operation time of standalone mode is also changed.

    - Smart mode duration change
    Smart mode, which repeats dehumidification for up to three minutes, cannot be changed. 

For AS and inquiries: please leave your questions and requests at If you have any problems with the product, please take a video of the symptoms and send it to us, and we will analyze the symptoms closely and help you proceed with A/S.