Frequently Asked Questions

  • [FAQ 1 - How do I clean up DearBuds?]

    You can clean the DearBuds EarTips with an alcohol swab or wipe.

    If they get very dirty, remove the ear tips from DearBuds, wash them in warm soapy water, and let them dry before using them again.

    For the main body of the device, you can lightly wipe the exterior with an alcohol wipe.

    It is not waterproof, so please do not clean it with water.

Use Cleaning Mode to remove dust from the inside of your DearBuds.

Place your DearBuds in their case and activate the cleaning mode in the app's settings.

Never use cleaning mode on your ears, it's for cleaning only.

  • [FAQ 2 - Is DearBuds waterproof?]

    The DearBuds is an air-circulating device, so it is not waterproof.

    The internal circuitry is moisture-proofed to prevent it from being affected by moisture.

    Please use it carefully to prevent water from entering the inside of the device.

  • [FAQ 3 - What is the recommended number of uses per day?]

    There is no set number of times you can use DearBuds.

    This is because each person's ear condition, lifestyle, and surrounding environment are different. Some people use it more than 10 times a day, while others use it once or twice a day.

    Basically, it is recommended to use it after showering/bathing, which is an environment where your ears get wet, and after using earphones/headphones. In Korea, it is dry in winter and humid in summer, so in summer (especially during the rainy season), you will use DearBuds more often than in winter, and the humidity will increase.

    For hearing aid users, please use it after using your hearing aids and if you feel uncomfortable due to the humidity in your ears even while using your hearing aids, please remove your hearing aids for a while and use your hearing aids after dehumidifying them with DearBuds for more comfortable use.

    You can measure the temperature/humidity in your ear with DearBuds, so please find your own lifestyle/environment that makes your ears humid and use it.

    DearBuds is the only device in the world that can measure humidity in the ear!

  • [FAQ 4 - DearBuds doesn’t start dehumidifying.]

    Before the dehumidifying function is triggered, DearBuds measures the condition of the ear and does not start dehumidifying if the ear is in a steady state of low humidity.

    This is to prevent excessive dehumidification since the humidity in the ear is already low.

    However, Stand-alone mode will run for 1 minute regardless of the humidity in the ear.

  • [FAQ 5 - Does DearBuds affect earwax?]

    DearBuds does not directly affect earwax.

    When you use earphones/hearing aids to block airflow in your ears, your ears become humid and eventually accumulate excess earwax.

    Therefore, keeping your ears dry will prevent excessive wax production.

  • [FAQ 6 - What is normal humidity in the ear?]

    In general, the humidity in your ears varies from person to person, depending on your physical condition, the health of your ears, and the environment around you.

    However, in normal, healthy ears, [the average humidity is between about 40% and 69%.

    In contrast, the humidity in abnormal ear measures significantly higher than that of a normal ear.(Source: British Journal of Otolaryngology, Clinical otolaryngology)

    In a very dry winter like we've had lately, a healthy ear humidity level to maintain is around 40% to 60%.

    In hot, humid summers, such as during the rainy season, around 50% to 69% is a typical healthy ear humidity.

    ENT specialists advise that keeping your nose moist and your ears dry is good for your health.

    Measure the humidity in your ears with DearBuds, the only device in the world that can measure the humidity in your ears!!!

  • [FAQ 7- Do earbuds/headphones/hearing aids increase ear humidity?]
    Our ears were never meant to be covered, but nowadays we spend a lot of time with our ears covered by earphones/headphones/hearing aids.Normally, our ears are exposed to the outside air and are constantly ventilated and kept at the right humidity level.
    However, when our ears are artificially plugged, they are not ventilated and easily become humid due to sweat.
    Once your ears become humid, it takes a long time for them to return to normal.
    It's like a glass jar with a narrow opening that doesn't allow moisture to escape easily.
    The above experimental data was measured on real, healthy ears in each situation this summer. (Of course, there may be deviations depending on the surrounding environment and the condition of each individual's ears.)
    The WHO, an international health organization, recommends against excessive use of earphones for more than an hour a day, saying that it is not good for ear health.
    While avoiding earbuds for more than an hour is beneficial for ear health, it can be difficult.
    Try using DearBuds to dehumidify your ears with ease.

  • [FAQ 8 - How does DearBuds dehumidify?]

    Using multi-sensors, DearBuds analyzes the temperature and humidity inside your ears and the temperature and humidity around you in real time. It also collects weather information for your location and uses this information to set optimal ear humidity zones.

    Based on this information, we use the right amount of light, heat, and airflow to rapidly circulate through the ear to move excess moisture out of the ear.

    The red LED light quickly evaporates sweat and moisture with warm light from 610 to 665 nm, a safe wavelength for humans, while the built-in heater maintains a temperature between 30 and 39°C with precise thermal control. Finally, a tiny magnetic levitation fan is used to circulate the evaporated moisture to the outside in the quietest, fastest, and safest way possible.

[FAQ - The DearBuds Connect App is freezing or won't connect.]

- Video on how to install and check permission settings for each OS

- Android

-  [](

- iOS

- [](

-There are four things to make sure you do.

    - Is your smartphone's Bluetooth feature turned on?

    - Is your smartphone's Location (GPS) feature turned on??

    - Is the DearBuds App allowed to access your location (only while using the app)?

    - Is the DearBuds App allowed to access nearby devices?

What is the normal humidity range in the ear?
  • In general, humidity levels in the ear vary from person to person depending on the condition of the body. However, the average humidity in the ear ranges form about 40% to 69%. This means that humidity levels under 40% or above 69% for a prolonged period of time may cause immediate or long-term issues. After analyzing the humidity levels in the ears, DearBuds uses a combination of sensors, fans, and LED lights to reset the humidity levels to normal amounts in the ear in three short minutes. 

Are DearBuds waterproof?
  • If DearBuds is exposed to a significant amount of water, it may compromise the device. However, the exterior parts of the device are meant to be in contact with some level of moisture, since the device itself is meant to expel excess humidity from the ear. Therefore, we recommend that you don’t use DearBuds near significant bodies of water (ex: shower, pool, etc.)

What are the science and mechanics behind DearBuds?
  • DearBuds uses multi-sensors to map out the structure of the ear and analyze in real-time both the temperature and humidity levels inside the ear. Based on the information collected from the sensors, DearBuds will use the appropriate level of light, heat, and airflow to circulate warm air into the ear. This allows for the excess amounts of moisture and humidity within the ear canal to be expelled. Red LED lights are used to produce warm lights with a wavelength of 610-665 nm that is safe for the human body, and semiconductors use precise heat control to keep temperatures between 86-102 °F (30-39 °C). Finally, the ultra-small BLDC fans efficiently circulate air in and out of the ear in the quietest and fastest way possible.

It seems like the device is louder than I expected it to be. 
  • In general, humidity levels in the ear vary from person to person depending on the condition of the body. However, the average humidity in the ear ranges form about 40% to 69%. This means that humidity levels under 40% or above 69% for a prolonged period of time may cause immediate or long-term issues. After analyzing the humidity levels in the ears, DearBuds uses a combination of sensors, fans, and LED lights to reset the humidity levels to normal amounts in the ear in three short minutes.

Can DearBuds play audio? 
  • DearBuds is a wearable ear-care product that is shaped like an earbud. However, there is no audio playback feature. We are exploring a future product that may incorporate this feature.

If you find it difficult to wear DearBuds, please check the steps below.
  1. First, attach the ear tip that fits your ear hole
  2. When wearing, rotate the DearBuds and check if it touches the earflap(auricle) well.
  3. Rotate DearBuds to find the proper wearing angle
  4. If the eartips are too large, combine the Kids eartips and dehumidify while holding the DearBuds with your hands.
  • And, We will make a video on how to wear it and upload it to soon.

If Bluetooth connection cannot be established, check the following 4 points.
  1. Check if the bluetooth and location features of the mobile phone is turned on
  2. Check if the Bluetooth and location sharing permission of the DearBuds Connect app is allowed
  3. Press the DearBuds power button to see if the green light is blinking
  4. Check if the DearBuds Connect app is searchable as DearBuds

How to update the firmware of your DearBuds PE

  1. Install nRF DFU(Device Firmware Update) MobileApp from Apple AppStore or Google PlayStore
  2. Download the latest firmware (zip file)
  3. Run DFU app, select the downloaded zip file
  4. Enter "Info" by pressing Sub button of DearBuds PE, and enter "I-2" by pressing Main button twice.
  5. While "I-2" is visible, press both buttons for 4 seconds to display DFU, then release both buttons.
  6. Select Device in DFU app to select the searched "DfuTarg" device
  7. Select Start Update ---> Done