How To Use DearBuds SE

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  • [How to turn on / off DearBuds]

    The entire oval with the DearBuds logo on top is the button.

    Turn On: Please press the button twice. A green light will blink when powered on (this means DearBuds is ready).

    Turn Off: Press the button for about 2 seconds and release it to turn off the power with a flashing red light.

    (It will automatically power off after 2 minutes of inactivity).

  • [Connecting with the DearBuds Connect App]

    DearBuds supports a dedicated app called DearBuds Connect. (Android 6.0+ /iOS 14+)

    Please search for “DearBuds Connect” in the app store and install it.

    After installation, agree to 2 permissions on the first run (Bluetooth, Location(GPS) sharing).

    After launching, you will be taken to the connection screen, and if your DearBuds is flashing green, it will connect automatically. (If it fails, you can try to reconnect with the bottom right + rescan button).

  • [Using DearBuds with App]

    Connect with the DearBuds Connect app. (See 3. [Connecting with the DearBuds Connect App] for how to connect)

    After placing DearBuds in your ear and entering the main screen, the temperature/humidity in your ear is measured in real time and displayed on the screen.

    After checking the temperature/humidity in your ears, you can select your favorite mode from the 6 modes (3 smart modes, 3 manual modes) and wait for the dehumidification to finish.

    Once the dehumidification is finished, you will see the maximum and minimum humidity on the screen with an pop-up message.

  • What is a comfort zone? - Taking into account your surroundings, weather information, etc., we automatically calculate the humidity zone where your ears feel most comfortable in the place you are currently located and display it on the screen.
  • Humidity is too high! - After measuring your surroundings, weather information, and the condition of your ears, we set a zone of extremely high humidity and display a notification when your ear humidity level is above that level. If your ear humidity level is above that level, App will notify you.

Manual and Smart Mode 

  • Manual Mode
  • Smart Mode 
  • The duration of manual mode can be changed in the settings.

  • [Using DearBUds without App - Stand-alone mode]

    You can also use DearBuds without the app. In this case, you will not be able to see the measurement information.

    After turning on the DeerBuds, press button twice quickly when the green light flashes (double-click) to start working without the app.

    The intensity increases with each press, with a total of 3 levels of intensity. (Repeat the pattern of weak→medium→high→weak for each press)

    Choose the level that suits you, taking into account things like intensity and noise.

    Automatically shuts down and powers off after a fixed 1 minute of operation. (Duration can be changed in settings)

    When in standalone mode, it remembers the last intensity you used and will operate at the memorized intensity when reused.

  • [Dual mode - use two DearBuds simultaneously]

    When you use 2 DearBuds together, you can dehumidify both ears at the same time.

    The UI of the DearBuds Connect app automatically switches to a dual UI when using 2 DearBuds.

    When in dual mode, the left and right indicators are color coded.

    You can distinguish the left and right sides by the color of the DearBuds main LED and the color of the app screen.

    Left (green LED), right (orange LED).

    Once connected, DearBuds remembers and retains its color.

  • [Change the operation time] - Updated Mar. 23. 2023

    - Support for changing the duration of manual mode (Auto / 1 min / 2 min / 3 min)

    You can change the duration of the manual mode in the settings. You can use the default setting of Auto for a long time and set it to a time that suits you. Other than Auto, it will operate for the set time regardless of the humidity in your ear.

    - Changing the duration of standalone mode (1 min / 2 min / 3 min)

    If you change the duration of Manual mode in the settings, the duration of standalone mode will also be changed.

    - Change Smart Mode operation time Due to the nature of the mode operation, the time cannot be changed and the Smart Mode will perform repeated dehumidification for up to 3 minutes.

  • How to use DearBuds in 2022

    All usage methods are the same, the only difference is how to turn on DearBuds.

    To turn on DearBuds, press the button once.

  • Manual Download

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