More accurate and clean signals

fl-x electrodes accurately measure the state of the user’s body and can read not only external behavior but also internal changes. 

With the flexibility and softness of silicone along with the high conductivity of metal, it can deliver various bioelectrically derived data 

such as heartbeats, gestures, eye blinking and brain waves.

High conductivity for the

tiniest signals

Volume resistivity

0.008 Ω.cm

Surface resistivity

0.021 Ω/sq

The metrics above are for reference only and can be customized.

Closer contact

Stable measurement

Unconstrained form and flexibility allow fl-x electrodes to adhere to the human body despite the various curves. And it can even read signals from parts of the body where it was impossible before.


All day, every day

Creating a product that is comfortable for users means that more people will use it more often. That’s why we develop 

soft and safe material for the skin. By combining light, flexible silicone with medical grade silver cores, fl-x can be safely 

and comfortably used even for babies and the elderly.

Soft and light
for comfort

Shore hardness

40 shore A

Specific gravity


The metrics above are for reference only and can be customized.

Totally safe

Safety is the most fundamental factor in a product.
The softness and flexibility minimize skin irritation. And medical grade silver and silicone suits everyone. 


Seamless integration 

with any product

Products we use have different forms.

We mold and finish our material solely for your product so it melts into the shape and usage. 

You can even have biosignal electrodes in the form of earphone tips or lanyards.

Molding only limited by your creativity

The silicone press molding method allows fl-x electrodes to be applied no matter what shape your product has. Since it can be crafted to various sizes and shapes, it can be applied to all kinds of consumer electronics and wearable devices we use every day.

CMF breaks boundaries

With hundreds of surface treatment techniques and colors, we can tailor our electrodes to magically fuse together with your product.


The best solution for you

Custom Electrodes

We design and manufacture silicone electrodes to

suit various products.


We develop biosignal measuring

prototypes with our electrodes.

Collaborative Research

We are always looking for possibilities beyond healthcare. 

Please contact us if you have any inquiries regarding co-developing or utilizing conductive silicone in any area.