Linkface develops biosignal sensors and wearable devices.
With a team of engineers who worked at Samsung Electronics for many years, our company was founded in 2017 as a spin-off.

Founders Jack Lim(CEO) and Chris Kang(CTO),
both have worked at Samsung Electronics for more than 10 years respectively in various fieldssuch as planning, design, and development of smartphones and wireless earphones. Our team also consists of other talented developers and designers who have contributed so much to Linkface products creation.

The company has received the CES Innovation Award in excellent design and technology for five consecutive years for five different products : Safe Listening for Kids “Dear” in 2020, Breathing and heart activity monitoring wearable “BioNeckband” in 2021, Ear-Care Solution “DearBuds SE” in 2022, and Pet Ear-Care Solution "DearBuds PE" in 2023. Further, Linkface was recently awarded the CES 2024 award for "Moistpod", an eye humidifier.


Dec 2024
CES 2024 Innovation Awards
- MoistPod for Eyes -

Oct 2023
DearBuds PE
Wadiz Launch (about 35,000%)

Feb 2023
DearBuds PE
Kickstarter Launch

Jan 2023
DearBuds SE
Wadiz Launch (about 5,500%)

Dec 2022
CES 2023 Innovation Awards
- Ear Dehumidifier for Pets -

Jun 2022
DearBuds SE
Kickstarter Launch (about 1,500%)

Dec 2021
CES 2022 Innovation Awards
- World's First Wearable Ear Dehumidifier -

Dec 2020
CES 2021 Innovation Awards
- Breathing/Heart Monitoring Wearable -

Nov 2020
Ministry of SMEs and Startups
- Material/Parts/Equipment Startups 20 -

Jul 2020
Silicone Electrode Released

- fl-x -






CES Innovation awards honoree for five consecutive years.