The best way to wear DearBuds SE


Choose the right Eartips for your ears and put them in. (Choose L/M/S)


After placing the DearBuds SE in your ears, rotate the angle back and forth to find the best position and angle for your ears. (You can use the DearBuds SE up, down, left, and right. Find the right angle for you.)

03. When wearing only one DearBuds SE

- DearBuds SE uses a micro fan, so the noise level may vary depending on the wearing angle.

- The best angle to wear is with the DearBuds logo facing the sky, and the non-wearing ears facing the floor, the magnetic levitation fan will run more smoothly.

04. When wearing two DearBuds SE

- Put on the two DearBuds SE after sitting or lying down without tilting your head to the left or right.

*Human ear holes vary in shape and size. We offer a total of four different Eartips. (One size S is included with your DearBuds.)

*If you have very small or unique ears, or young children, we recommend using the included size XS Eartips or the additional accessory pet Eartips to hold them in place.